Mineral Sensorium with the Britannia Mine Museum

Saturday, July 6 & Sunday, July 7 | 10am–4pm

Did you know that rock can float in water? Or that some rocks flex and peel?

The Britannia Mine Museum is coming to the Whistler Children’s Festival with a box full of various minerals that have incredible and surprising qualities. The agenda: allow visitors to experience the broad spectrum of mineral sensorial possibilities. Come and test visual, aural, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory among other characteristics of rocks.

About the Britannia Mine Museum:

The Britannia Mine Museum was established in 1971 to preserve the material and social history of mining in British Columbia, and to educate the public about mining. From visitor services to school tours, site management and beyond, we are dedicated to creating an engaging learning and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. Find out more.

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