Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Arts Centre will have a concession stand selling drinks and snacks – however, you are more than welcome to bring your own. All we ask is that loud packaging and crunchy, noisy snacks aren’t consumed during performances or workshops.

During all performances, children must be supervised by at least 1 adult over 19 years of age. The lineup is incredible! We know the adults in attendance will have as much fun as the kids!

Yes, due to small class sizes, kids can be left to participate in all workshops without supervision. The adults are welcome to wait in our lounge while their kids are in the workshops or pop down the street for a coffee. But, make sure you are back in time for the end of the workshop!

If your child becomes lost within the Maury Young Art Centre, alert the nearest member of Arts Whistler staff for assistance. If your child goes missing outside of the Arts Centre, please call RCMP.

If your child is too young to sit up by themselves in a seat, they do not need a ticket and may sit on their parent’s lap. We expect our performances to sell out, so if at any stage during a performance you anticipate needing an additional seat please purchase one. We may not be able to accommodate extra seats on the day of the performance.

Yes, strollers are allowed inside the Arts Centre, however, they are not permitted inside the theatre during performances due to fire safety. We will have secure stroller parking available outside the theatre.

All of the stops on the Family Art Adventure are both stroller and wheelchair accessible.